James Crossley

   Copied from a journal kept by James Crossley.   The following was written in James Crossley's own handwriting: 

  I, James Crossley, was born June 1st, 1816, at Barrix Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England.  I was the tenth child of James and Sarah Crossley.  My mother was a Baptist.  My father was a believer but was not baptized.   My brother John was a Baptist, him being the first child my mother had.   I remember four sisters -- Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, and Rachel.  the rest I never knew, me being the youngest.   Sister Mary got married to Joseph Mitchil when I was a small boy.  She lived some there or four years after she was married.  She died at my father's house.  I remember she was a kind sister to me. She had one daughter whose name was Hannah. 

  My sister Martha was married the next to James Denton.  Rachel was married to James Armitage after my father left Saddleworth.  We went to Maccclefield, Cheshire.  My sister Elizabeth got married to sister Mary's husband, Joseph Mitchil.  All my father's family was then living in Sutton Macclefield.  My brother John was married in Manchester to Sarah Smith.  He was married first in the family.  We were all working at Woodscaton Factory in 1832 at Sutton Macclefield, Cheshire. 

  I got married to Hannah Whiston, the daughter of Mikel and Mary Whiston.  Married at Prespry Church near Macclesfield, Cheshire on the 29th of February 1836.  My wife Hannah brought me forth a daughter and it was called Ellen. It was born January 8, 1837.  She also brought me a son and we called him Joseph.  It was born April 8, 1839.  Joseph the son of James and Hannah Crossley died April 9, 1839.  Also Hannah Crossley, the wife of James Crossley died April 13, 1839.  Both interred at Macclefield old Church Yard.  Also Ellen Crossley died May 28, 1839.  Interred in the same place as the above. 

  I then left Macclesfield and went to work at Mr. Benson's, Staley Bridge, Lancashire about a month.  I then went to Baglane near Chowbent and Tyildsley Banks, where I met with my second wife Mary Jarvis.  She was the daughter of William and Betty Jarvis.  They lived at Tyildsley Banks, Lancashire.  I was married to Mary Jarvis at Ecles Church near Manchester, Lancashire on the 16th day of April 1840.  

  The following is copied from a newspaper clipping written by Joseph Hall for the Millennial Star: 

    JAMES CROSSLEY - Ogden City, Utah, June 18, 1894

The ranks of our veteran fathers are becoming thinned out, and from present appearances their generations will be soon gathered to "the other side."  Another of our venerable friends has passed to the great beyond. 

  Elder James Crossley has been a faithful, true adherent to the gospel for nearly fifty years.  He was the son of James and Sarah Crossley and was born June 1, 1816 at Barrix, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England.  On the 29th of February 1836 he took to wife Hannah Whiston, who bore him two children.  Both died young, and on April 13, 1839, their mother followed them to the great beyond.  On April 16, 1840, James Crossley entered the second time into matrimony, with Mary Jarvis. The issue of this marriage was nine children, only four of whom are now living.  On January 9, 1846, he was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Shortly afterward, in the same year, he was ordained an Elder, and appointed to preside over the Radcliffe branch of the Church, which position he held and faithfully filled until November 24, 1854.  On the last named date he sailed from Liverpool on board the "Clara Wheeler."  There were on board 422 Latter -day Saints, bound for New Orleans.  As soon as they entered the Irish Channel they experienced terribly rough weather with stormy, adverse winds.  The ship beat about in the trough of the sea until the last day of the month, when the captain was compelled to "bout ship" and return to port.  They rested there until the 7th of December, when they again put to sea with fresh supplies of provision and water, and with better prospects of fairer weather.  But shortly after leaving port the measles broke out with sad fatality among the company, resulting in the death of twenty-one children and two adult persons.  They landed in New Orleans on the eleventh of January, 1855.  From the last named port they continued their journey to St. Louis, enroute for Utah, on the steam boat "Oceana."

  After arriving in Salt Lake, James Crossley first settled in "Sessions Settlement."  In 1857 he removed to Willard, Box Elder County, and engaged in farming until 1858.  He then "pulled up stakes" and moved south with the people generally from the north.  On October 26, 1868, he married Mary Bentley, by whom he had three children who still survive him.  On May 1st, 1880, his wife Mary Jarvis died.  In the fall of that year he came to Ogden and has continued his residence here until the time of his death, which took place June 15. 

  The funeral services were held in the Second Ward Meeting house on Sunday, June 18.  The building was filled to its utmost capacity.  Those who took active part in the obsequies were Bishop Joseph Warburton, Elders Joseph Morgan and William Caulton, of Salt Lake City; John Scowcroft, Joseph Hall, F. D. Richards, Mark Lindsay, Thomas Morley and Bishop Robert McQuarrie.  The speakers bore testimony to the pure life, the uprightness and unflinching integrity of the deceased in the Church of God since their acquaintance with him, some of which extended over forty years. 

  James Crossley had fourteen children, fifteen grandsons, eleven of whom are living; eighteen granddaughters, five of whom are dead; also six great grandsons and ten great granddaughters, all living. 

  And interesting article cut from a newspaper and pasted in James Crossley's old journal was as follows: 

  Onions for Pneumonia -- New York, November 9th.

  Owing to the prevalence of pneumonia and the great mortality therefrom during winter and spring, several boards of health in Northern New Jersey have been taking measures of protection.  The health board of Washington, Warren County, has published a remedy which is said to be a sure cure for pneumonia, and other health boards are looking into the matter with a view of having the tidings spread broadcast for the good of the public. 

  This is the remedy:

  "Take six or ten onions, according to size, and chop fine, put in a large spider over a hot fire, then add the same quantity of rye meal and vinegar, enough to form a thick paste.  Stir thoroughly, letting it simmer five or ten minutes.  Then put it in a a cotton bag large enough to cover the lungs and apply to the chest as hot as the patient can bear.   In about ten minutes apply another, and thus continue by reheating the poultices, and in a few hours the patient will be out of danger." 

                                    Life of James Crossley

1 June 1816              Born (son of James Crossley and Sarah Brierley) at Barrix, Saddleworth,                                Yorkshire, England.  The youngest of ten children. 

           1832              Working at Woodcoaton Factory, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire. 

29 Feb 1836              Married Hanna Whiston (daughter of Michael and Mary Whiston) at                                       Preapry Church, Maccclesfield, Cheshire.  Born 25 June 1815 Sutton,                                     Macclesfield, Cheshire.

8 Jan 1837                Daughter, Ellen, born.  Died 28 May 1839, buried at Macclesfield Old                                    Church Yard, Cheshire.

8 Apr 1839                Son, Joseph, born.  Died 9 Apr 1839, buried at Macclesfield Old Church                                 Yard, Cheshire.

13 Apr 1839              Wife, Hannah, died.  Buried at Macclesfield Old Church Yard, Cheshire.

16 Apr 1840              Married Mary Jarvis (daughter of William Jarvis and Elizabeth Brooks)                                  at Eccles Parish (near Manchester), Lancaster.  (Marriage certificate                                    sates 20 Apr 1840)  Born 5 Nov 1811 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.                                   Mary Jarvis had two children, Mary Ann Smith, born 13 Sep 1833                                           Radcliffe, Lancaster.  One child.  Died 14 July 1887.  Joseph Smith born                                 20 Nov 1836 Tyldesley Bank, Lancaster.  Died 5 Nov 1856. 

27 Nov 1840            Daughter, Hannah, born Stalybridge, Lancaster.  Married 1859 Dennis                                   George Winn.  Died 29 Nov 1910.  Eight children.

29 Jan 1842             Daughter Sarah, born Pendleton (other records show Tinsley Banks and                                  Ashton Under Lyne), Lancaster.  Married 2 Mar 1861 Perrigrine Sessions.                               Eleven children (two died as infants). Died 27 Jan 1906.

15 No 1845              Son, William born Radcliffe Bridge, Lancaster.  Died 1847.

8 Jan 1846              Baptized into LDS Church, Radcliffe Branch.

5 Sep 1847              Ordained priest in LDS Church by John Bans, Radcliffe Branch. 

20 Mar 1848            Daughter, Elizabeth, born Radcliffe Bridge, Lancaster.  Died 1850. 

 4 Jun 1850             Son, Ephraim arvis, born Ashton Under Lyne, Lancaster.  Married 8 Oct                                1870 Keziah Hall.  Died 21 Aug 1917.  Nine children. 

7 Sep 1851              Ordained elder in LDS Church by Abraham Greenhaigh, Radcliffe                                          Branch.  

                             Presiding Elder over Radcliffe Branch and Radcliffe District  Manchester                                Mission. 

?? Oct 1852            Daughter, Emma, born Radcliffe Bridge, Lancaster.  Died 1852.

24 Nov 1854           Sailed from Liverpool on 'Clara Wheeler'.  Ship returned due to bad                                     weather.

7 Dec 1854            Sailed from Liverpool on 'Clara Wheeler'.

11 Jan 1855           Ship landed at  (unreadable as is off the page)

30 Jan 1855           Daughter, Mary born Radcliffe Bridge, Lancaster.  Died 1855.

  ???     1855           Arrived in Utah.  Settled at Sessions Settlement (Bountiful), Salt Lake,                                 Utah. 

23 May 1856         Mary Jarvis and children; Joseph 19; Hannah 15; Sarah 12; Ephraim 5;                                  Mary Ann, 23; and William (Mary Ann's son) 1; departed England on the                                ship 'Horizon'. 

 ?  Jun 1856          Mary Jarvis and family landed at Boston, Massachusetts.

 ??  ??   1856         Mary Jarvis and family arrived at Iowa City, Iowa, gathering place of                                   handcart companies.  Mary Ann (and William ?) returned to England.                                     (Mary Ann and William may have turned back at Boston or New York City.)

?  Jul 1856           Mary Jarvis and family departed Iowa City with Martin Handcart Company

30 Nov 1856        Martin Handcart Co. arrived in Salt Lake City met by James Crossley.

          1856        Family settled at Three Mile Creek (Williard), Box Elder, Utah.  Sarah lived                           with Perrigine Sessions family.  

          1857         Family moved to Fillmore, Millard, Utah.  

          1861        Family moved to Camp Floyd, Fairfield, Cedar, Utah.  Superintendent at                              Tintic Silver Mines. 

         1864         Family moved to White Hill at Bountiful and opened 'Montana Brewery' and                         the 'The Halfway House', a lunch room. 

         1866        Mary Bentley arrived from England.  Went to work in James Crossley home.                         Mary Bentley had one daughter, Lilly, born 1861 Cragg Hall, Erringden,                                 Yorkshire.  Lilly remained in England until 1887.

4 Jun 1867        James Crossley made petition in Davis Co court records for license to sell                             malt liquor.  'Clerk was instructed to settle with James Crossley at the rate                         of $25.00 per quarter since the date of his commencing to brew and sell in                           Bountiful, Davis Co'.

19 Sep 1868       James Crossley became U.S. Citizen.

22 Sep 1868       Mary Jarvis sealed to James Crossley in the Endowment House. 

26 Oct 1868       Mary Bentley sealed to James Crossley in the Endowment House.  Mary                                 Bentley (daughter of George Bentley and Sarah Sutcliffe) born 9 Apr 1833                             Cragg Hall, Errington, Yorkshire. 

26 Aug 1869       Son, John Bentley, born Bountiful, Davis, Utah.  Married 31 May 1900 Mary                           Johannah Jacobsen.  Died 25 May 1926.  Three sons. 

   Nov 1872       Daughter, Priscilla 'Bessie' born South Bountiful, Davis, Utah.  Married (1) 17                       Jun 1901 Charles Vernon Jackson, divorced.  Married (2) 23 Sep 1907 Matthew                       Benedick Maher.  Died 9 Dec 1936.  One daughter by each marriage. 

18 Sep 1876     Daughter, Jermina, born Bountiful, Davis, Utah.  Married 22 Oct 1895 James                         Heap Furniss.  Died 27 Feb 1959.  Five children. 

 1 May 1880      Mary Jarvis died, Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

17 May 1880     Mary Bentley married to James Crossley by Justice of the Peace to be his                            legal wife. Moved to Bountiful.  Lost Montana Brewery.  Ran a resort and                              brewery belonging to Mr. Richter and John Frie, known as Jones' Grove                                (Frie's Grove?) located on southeast block of Canyon Road and Jefferson.                             James Crossley suffered sunstroke. 

          1883     Leased ground at 28th Street and Washington Blvd. in Ogden.  Store in front                         and living quarters in back.  Started with $5.00 as capital and good credit.                           Store provided for them comfortably for the rest of their lives.

         1887      Mary Bentley returned to England for Queen Victoria's golden anniversary and                      to bring daughter, Lilly, to Utah.  Lilly married 20 Mar 1889 James Gale.  One                      son.  Died 24 Mar 1941. 

 6 Nov 1890    Sarah Hardman, deceased, sealed to James Crossley by proxy, Logan Temple.

15 Jun 1894    James Crossley died 5:45 pm, Ogden, Weber, Utah.

19 Jun 1894     Obituary of James Crossley in Deseret News, page 6.

           1903     Store closed.

28 Aug 1920     Mary Bentley died, Ogden, Weber, Utah. 

(handwritten note by husband's great aunt, Hope Hayes;  this chronology was prepared in July 1973 by Kenneth V. Crossley - Rhen (sp ??) of Springville, Utah but who has since moved to Arizona.  I don't have his current address.  He is a descendant of James Crossley and Mary Bentley.)            


      (Note;  I was faithful to the spelling, formatting was obviously problematic when I got to the timeline.    This story was received by my husband from his great aunt, Hope Hayes, aunt to his mother, Cora Lenore Crossley-Ruger as a copy, typewriter formatted, few breaks in the paragraphs with only formatting being paragraphs and indents at start of paragraphs.  I did do some paragrahp formatting to make the reading easier )   ...... Lietta Ruger, August 6, 2011                             







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